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Welcome to Mr. C’s Connecticut:

Just as time marches on and leaves history in its wake, we are moving forward with changes in my website, a new look for an old subject, if you will.

Look at the historical categories posted on the right of this page and feel free to visit them by clicking on the topics that most appeals to you, the ones that make your tail wag, as we canines might put it.

No matter where you click, I hope you will join me on a trip around this fascinating state.  

If you’d like to look at interesting historical Connecticut tidbits that don’t require a trip, I’d like to draw your attention to the Past Facts section of my website. Some good stuff there.

Whatever you decide to do, let me introduce myself. While my friends call me Mr. C, my formal name is Mr. Clemens. I’m proud to have been named after that other Mr. Clemens, the Connecticut Yankee who is known to the world as Mark Twain.

I understand he preferred felines, but I long ago forgave him that transgression.

Before I ask you to join me as I sniff around the state and doggedly reveal the truth that the past meets the present in modern Connecticut, I want to point out two things that reflect well on our state:

The first is a report made in 1936 by the Federal Writers Project, a Depression-era initiative.  It noted that Connecticut led the nation, on a per-capita basis, in the number of patents issued from the day in 1790 when the U.S. Patent Office began keeping records of such things. This includes the first patent issued to a woman in the United States.

The second is something from Hayward’s New England Gazetteer of 1839. The Killingly Historical Society dug it up for me and it speaks volumes about our state.

“If the love of literature, and the arts, of social feeling and moral worth has an asylum on earth, Connecticut may boast that it is to be found within her bosom.”

Couldn’t have said it any better myself. And, I’ll bet that other Mr. Clemens couldn’t, either.

Mr C.


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