Virtual Visit to Connecticut spies in Revolutionary War

Okay, class, may I have your attention?  Thank you.

Today’s lesson might be called a quick trip into Revolutionary War espionage as practiced by Connecticut residents.

Now, everyone who has heard of Nathan Hale raise your hand. Good. Everyone but that guy in the corner. I will speak to you after class, sir.

Now, everyone who has heard of Sgt. Thomas Daniel Bissell, Benjamin Tallmadge and Lt. Col. Thomas Knowlton raise your hand.  Hmmn, just the guy in the corner raised his. Now, sir, I really want to see you after class. There appear to be some gaps in your education.

Well for everyone but the gentleman in the corner, let’s focus on Sgt. Bissell of Windsor.  None other than Gen. Washington sent him behind enemy lines in 1781.  He emerged more than a year later with valuable information and a harrowing tale of survival. For years in his hometown it was thought he was a traitor.

The Windsor Patch relates the tale of this Connecticut man’s extraordinary contribution to the cause of America’s freedom.

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